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SAP Business One

5:05pm 06-11-2016

 A comprehensive application for managing the business more clearly and more accurately, both in finance, sales, customer relationship management, inventory management and manufacturing processes and specially designed to suit the business and small and medium industries

SAP Business One helps to organize and unify the daily operations and interdependence between the various departments of labor, also provides quick and immediate access to all the necessary information with complete accuracy, this helps to quickly make good decisions and save time and effort for the development and growth of the business.

SAP Business One allows full control and coherent in all functions and processes in a business or industrial by functions built:
· Accounts and Finance
· the sales
· Purchases
· Inventory Management
· Manufacturing and production planning processes
· Many built-ins

Challenges facing business
1. provide the necessary time to focus on business development.
2. Prompt and accurate access to all the information that will help make decisions.
3. build and develop a strong relationship with the company's customers and the ability to meet their needs.
4. Reduce the time and effort wasted due to double entries between the departments and the mistakes that may arise.
5. helping to manage the cash flow to meet the priorities and needs of the work.
6. costs and expenses arising from the use of multiple systems and reduce maintenance

SAP Business One features
Ø Comprehensive
Ø Easy to use
Ø Application and fast delivery
Ø high reliability
Ø achieve return on investment within 12 months
Ø commensurate with business growth and development
Ø and a lot ...

Experience and knowledge - experience in the business sector
§ Our implementation of many successful projects won us the advanced experience of the technically and the professional as well, this accumulated experience has enabled us to provide the best solutions for each industry in line with the ambition of every client and within the limits of its budget.
§ expertise not limited only on the technical side but also beyond it to the deep knowledge of the nature of the industries and the obstacles you may encounter every industry and the ability to apply the most successful solutions to industry growth and development.