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Personnel affairs, wages and payroll management system

4:58pm 06-11-2016

 Vision Tech company offers the HRMS application, which competes with and ahead of the best applications on the market in terms of ease of use by the user and multi-functions provided by the application is illustrated by the following:

I. application of personnel affairs:
And submit this application a lot of jobs that serve the personnel affairs by creating a file for each worker comapny, the application of Personnel facilitating control in all matters Special Administrative personnel comapny since the appointment and even go out of service, promotions include, internal transport movements with the query that data in any time .oicom also facilitate the construction of the organizational structure and management of the company to facilitate the control and reduce the time to ensure the efficiency, quality, precision and speed.

Second: the application of wages and salaries:
It includes the basic wage and the monthly account and includes a special allowance system, increments yearly, bonuses social allowances monthly system, and also gain work in line with Egyptian law tax system, stamp tax system, the ratios of Insurance and Social, monthly special funds system, premiums and insurance premiums system banking and also the salary transfers to banks, all this with the ability to use any of them or not to work with any of them, through the ease of control in both percentages and values ​​whatever was modified.

III application of fund management:
This application is an important help for the application of the wage and applications in the event of a point of view internal fund management, control and obligations of each Fund resources and also manage deposits and the proceeds distributed to the participants in the funds for the formation of each factor pot.

IV application of rewards and incentives:
This application is an application is particularly important in terms of calculating the wages and salaries as it is a special application of all the financial benefits own employees comapny that give out monthly salary either in cash or bank transfers.

V. Application absences and vacations:
Where the application is in the management of a special application with all financial benefits own employees comapny that give out monthly salary either in cash or bank transfers.

VI application attendance:
The apparent importance of a nominee as it is linking with all the attendees and leave systems, as well as the fingerprint system and the consequent extra fee or discount in the case of work with this system with the ease of set the extra time.

VII application of sanctions:
Sanctions and penalties Finance and Administration, which is deducted from the monthly salary or debit from a given rather than by adjusting the system is preset to be applied to all or a specific type of workers.

VIII performance evaluation:
Of important applications that help in the development of rewards and incentives through staff performance appraisal through Nazim regulations performance evaluation and determine the assessment to all or a specific type of employees of the company and determine the ratings and the maximum items, it can be used with promotions and bonuses movement periodical annual identifying periods Rating either monthly or yearly.

IX Training Application:
This application provides lots and lots of senior management, where each Tthom management determines the required training Alberameh staff and through the connection with Altdrebebh centers and book those sessions for staff and to link it evaluates employee performance.

X. Transportation Management application:
It can be managed with cars owned by the company and the pilots of those cars (licenses and renewal, etc.) as well as all maintenance expenses and insurance and renew the bond own insurance, exchange fluids, oils and expenses of maintenance, both inside the company or outside, and upload expenses on the side of the company or the driver.

XI. A healthcare application:
Service offered by some companies for their employees by hiring one of agencies that provide some health services, such as some surgeries and some medical devices and the company to contribute a portion of that service and the worker to pay the rest, and by the application are registered contracting authorities with providing the service, and also record items and the number of times Alhsal by each worker during certain periods of time.

XI. I commend the application of public relations:
The definition of some features and grants that the company is giving the company's employees in some occasions, or at intervals such as marriage grant or pilgrimage advantage, and grants are the physical values ​​or kind obtained by the worker does not get you, the advantage in material value or eyes involved the company in part of them and the factor payment with the possibility of identifying ways of payment through monthly salary or other incentives and reward.

XI. Three application advances:
It is the application allows the management of loans and advances and process and control between staff.

Four XI. Application of personal services:
This provides the application of each company's employees and give them access to some or all of their profiles with the possibility of recording request holidays and lift and load personal documents, looking at their monthly salary benefits and deductions and the balance of the current terms of the holiday all of this based on the control and registration of the powers of each worker.

This is the most important features that distinguish this application for months Alamh applications as follows:

1. Use Email notification service with the introduction of personal services.
2. phoned with the Access Control through fingerprint program.
3. linkage with any accounting system.