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Collective insurance system

4:00pm 27-10-2016

 Collective insurance program is a comprehensive management system for all phases of the insurance business cycle beginning from receiving insurance requests from customers and even customer claims for amounts of insurance in case of expiry of the document to the insured. And software applications are as follows

Coded System: The coding of all influential factors in the program in terms of (customers, intermediaries, types of insurance, re-insurance companies, the additional coverage, the company's branches, types of premiums, actuarial: the introduction of actuarial formulas, life tables)

Pricing: the ability to print coverages prices of various downloads for ages covered by insurance.

Release :

A database of insurance applications for various clients and the possibility to create presentations and insurance contracts all expected scenarios and comprehensive traded required by the company's customers.

The establishment of follow-up contracts with premiums and bills of commissions to intermediaries and all amendments exchange claims on contracts in terms of (new Add, adjust the amount of insurance, reduction and liquidation, etc ....)

4. medical underwriting:

A database of all medical examination institutions that deal with the company to reveal the state of health of the insured comprehensive pricing of each separately disclosed, and according to the automatic acceptance of rules determined by the reinsurance companies.

The possibility to make decisions required to issue contracts for the insured based on the state of the insured or health professional.

5. Compensation: Database to address the various types of compensation demanded by customers for the insured in different situations, whether (death, retirement, disability, resignation, etc .....)

6. Accounts: a database of tree group insurance accounts of the company and the collection of receipts for payment of various kinds accounts.

7.aaadh insurance: Database to calculate premiums and commissions re-insurance company, according to some extent retention which has been approved by the company.

8.alaanaati arithmetic: Database to calculate the mathematical reserve for each company's insurance contracts.

9.altaqarir: design of all special reports cycle work for all sections of group insurance management.